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TKL GROUP-ZHEJIANG BAITUO IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD is a joint venture company, which is specialized in producing auto parts for semi-trailer and heavy truck. The auto parts are usually made for more than twenty carmakers, especially for DFACˇ˘ JACˇ˘CIMC. Also, the auto parts are exported to many countries and areas in Southeast Asiaˇ˘The Middle East and South Africa. We have built a world-wide sale-network.

TKL which has more than twenty years experience in making auto parts, has advanced science and technology and various monitor equipment. TKL was authorized ISO9001:2000 and TS16949, which make the management step into a new lever and guarantee the quality of products.TKL has the right to import &export, and is getting more and more close to internationalization, industrialization and comprehensive trading company.

TKL has believe thatˇ°Credit always goes firstˇ˘pursuit of perfectˇ±. According to this belief. TKLERS will provide customs more high quality products and better service. We welcome the friends from all the areas to visit us and cooperate mutually beneficially.